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Promises for the New Year

We’re all making new promises to ourselves with the approaching of each New Year. Unfortunately, most of us tend to ditch those promises before January even come to its end. Studies shows that the main reason for us to quit those self-commitments too early is that we tend to oblige ourselves to huge changes too [...]

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Being Thankful Can Really Benefit Your Life

Being thankful about the good things in my life actually benefits me every single day. The only thing I needed to understand is that it is indeed the little things that matters in life. When I got that I was able to appreciate the meaningful things that spreads joy in my life. It make sense [...]

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At What Age Wrinkles First Appear and When Should I Start Skin Care?

It’s inevitable, we’ll all get wrinkles at some point. Some of us will get it sooner than others, but we’ll all get it. In addition, there will be marks and scars that will be caused with age. But the good thing is that we can do something about it. We can delay it and sometimes [...]

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Treat Your Skin with Respect to Reduce Wrinkles

All of us do the best we can in order to keep a healthy facial skin. Some of us use daily products such as day & night facial cream, some of us use facial masks at least once a week, and some of us use it all. Each skin’s type requires a different treatment, according [...]

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How Exercising Effects Our Brain and Mood?

It has been spoken a lot about how exercising is good for our bodies’ health. It has been set as an undivided part of leading a healthy lifestyle and there are countless options for any of us to maintain an active lifestyle – when all we got to do is choose our favorite activity, the [...]

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Does the Sun Harms My Skin During Winter?

Have you ever noticed to the way we neglect ourselves as winter’s season begins? We pay less attention to what we eat, we pay less attention to how often and for how long we sit down in front of our favorite TV show, we neglect our training routine, and we also neglect our skin care [...]

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Why You Should Exercise with a Partner?

Leading an exercising routine gets easier with time, though there are ups and downs along the way, in everyone’s way. But there are things you can do that will make those downs easier to overcome, and the ups to a whole other level of fun! For example, you can exercise with a partner. It can [...]

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Foods that Reduce Wrinkles Appearance

We’re all do as much as we can to maintain our skin care and ensure it is as healthy as it can be, right? Well, not exactly. Sure we apply skin creams, masks and other fine products to treat it, but when was the last time you’ve checked your diet to see if it is [...]

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