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At What Age Wrinkles First Appear and When Should I Start Skin Care?

It’s inevitable, we’ll all get wrinkles at some point. Some of us will get it sooner than others, but we’ll all get it. In addition, there will be marks and scars that will be caused with age. But the good thing is that we can do something about it. We can delay it and sometimes even prevent the appearing of those wrinkles, marks and scars on our facial skin. The method to try and lower those things is “skin care”, and we’re all need to embrace to ourselves some type of skin care routine that suits for our skin’s type and condition. The question is at what age we should start with it – let’s answer that.

Skin Care at Young Age

Skin care starts at a very young age. Even when we’re babies. What else would you call it when moms powder their babies’ bottoms? But sure we do not mean that skin care should continue from this point forward. Skin care should start at the teen age, when the skin (especially the facial skin) starts having problems such as pimples, etc. It is also the age when we start being aware of our skin’s condition and it only make sense to start treat it. But, and this is important, it should be very proportional and as an answer to the skin’s condition.

Skin Care According to the Skin’s Type

In addition to age, the skin’s type should also be taken into consideration when suiting your facial skin with the right skin care. The skin’ type effects on the type of treatment that the skin needs in order to be at its best. At first, you can consult with a professional cosmetician or with a dermatologist in more complex cases and in time, you’ll be able to choose skin care products that are good for your skin.

Bad Habits to affect Our Skin’s Health

When considering the best skin care treatments to our facial skin, our bad habits or life styles should also be brought into conclusion. Should you choose to smoke, you should remember that this bad habit causes a lot of damages to your skin, as it may be the most significant factor to damage skin’s health. Long exposure to the sunlight can also cause our skin serious damages and even lead to skins’ diseases. Such habits should be addressed in our skin care “strategy”.

Let’s take an example: think about those lifeguards on “Baywatch” show. Didn’t they looked perfect? Well they quite did. But, all that exposure to the sun could have really damaged their skin. So, our lesson for you is that even if you feel young and invincible, think about the future and protect your skin.


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