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Wrinkless Plus 2nd Generation


The LED infrared beauty device is an anti-aging facial care product which provides effective relief for the layers of your skin. It is equipped with two different wavelengths of LED and far infrared, with wavelengths of 324nm (visible) and 940nm (invisible). The lightwaves can penetrate deep into the skin tissue cells. The lightwaves promote blood circulation, reduce facial spots and enhance skin elasticity.

When your skin touches the device, the infrared light will penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue. When this happens your tissue temperature rises; therefore it promotes blood circulation, revives enzymes, strengthens metabolism, and aids in restoring cells to their youthful self.

After the infrared is absorbed by the skin, the skin water molecules will be resonated and activated, which enhances the binding strength between molecules; thereby activating the protein. The skin cells produce resonance effects, which can transmit the infrared heating energy to the deeper tissue and the skin temperature will be rise generating heat which will be emitted from inside to outside.


    1. 42 C+/-3C warm treatment head
    2. Lightens facial spots.
    3. Accelerates blood circulation.
    4. Lessens fine lines and wrinkles.
    5. Improves skin tone.
    6. Repairs collagen.
    7. Restores skin elasticity.
    8. Suggested for pain management, jaundice, & eczema.
    9. improve the appearance of cellulite.
    10. Helps shape the body.



  1. Clean your face and allow your face to dry.
  2. Turn on your device, the infrared will begin to work once you apply the device to your skin. (Recommended use is 15-20 minutes, each use).
  3. Heating massage: turn on the warm button, the temperature will rise gradually. You can massage on the skin gently in a circular motion (always in an upward motion).
  4. You can use phototherapy and warm massage at the same time
  5. You can turn off the heating function (the heat will disappear gradually), and the skin will be treated with far-infrared only.
  6. You can also turn off the far-infrared function, then it will be warm massage only.


Product Features:

  • LED Infrared Skin Rejuvenation
    • Deeply heats the skin, dilates the microvessels, promotes blood circulation, repairs collagen, improves skin tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and tightens pores
  • Heating & Magnet Massage
    • 42C+/-3C constant temperature, heating massage, deep cleansing, firming skin, magnet massage. The metal head is embedded with two magnets, can improve the body’s immunity and regulate body functions.
  • Hand-sensitive Phototherapy area
  • Direct charging with base
  • Rechargeable base
  • Indicator light
  • Warm massage


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