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Treat Your Skin with Respect to Reduce Wrinkles

All of us do the best we can in order to keep a healthy facial skin. Some of us use daily products such as day & night facial cream, some of us use facial masks at least once a week, and some of us use it all. Each skin’s type requires a different treatment, according to its condition, and so it is only make sense that each of us choses different products as part of our skin care routine. But, there are things that all of us can do in order to maintain a healthy skin – and it starts with the way we treat it. Here are few basic tips that will guide you to treat your skin with respect!

Your Hands are Always Dirty

When it comes to our faces and the way we treat its skin, it is best to always assume that our hands are filled with dirt on it. Why? The sooner we’ll understand that, the less we’ll touch our faces, which will allow our skin to remain cleaner during the day. Why does our hands always dirty you ask? First thing, there’s our phone – which has been proven to be one of the dirtiest element surrounding us and we hold it in our hands for hours throughout the day. Second reason, is that we do almost everything using our hands: we scratch, we wipe our desk as work, we play with our dog, etc. At the bottom line, what we try to say is that you should try to avoid touching your face throughout the day as much as you can.

Do Not Scratch Your Face

Submitting to the temptation to scratch our facial skin when it’s irritating can lead to scratches, wrinkles and even scars. When your face is itching it is best to wash it with lukewarm water or to gently wipe it with facial wet tissues or wipes (just make sure it matches your skin’s type).

Daily Routine

Make sure that in your skin care daily routine you include: washing your face twice a day (morning and evening), apply oil that is good for your skin’s type (olive, Jojoba, almonds), and exercise your facial muscles every evening to restore its flexibility and strengthen it.

Follow these basic tips will improve your skin’s health and will take your skin care methods one step forward.

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