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How Exercising Effects Our Brain and Mood?

It has been spoken a lot about how exercising is good for our bodies’ health. It has been set as an undivided part of leading a healthy lifestyle and there are countless options for any of us to maintain an active lifestyle – when all we got to do is choose our favorite activity, the days and time we wish to practice on and the most important thing – to be consistent about it. On this article, I would like to talk about how exercising is also good for our brain and how it effects both our brain and our mood.

Exercising – Is it indeed Addictive?

Many people who train on a regular basis testify that they’re addicted to physical training. Now, that’s the interesting thing – it may really be addictive as working out causes our bodies to release Endorphins. Endorphins releases as a physical reaction to pain and stress (which we usually experience during our workouts) in order to lessen our perception of the pain. In a way, the endorphins affects us in a similar way to drags such as morphine and codeine, but without the devastating damages that those can do, amazing isn’t it? And so, it may be true that physical exercising is indeed addictive but in a funny way it is actually good for us.

The endorphins cause us not only to deal with the pain but actually to feel better with other things that we have on our minds, whatever that might be – a hard day at the office, a struggle with our family or friends and allow us to rethink the condition without the stress that usually comes along with it.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Once we complete a hard set of exercising at the gym or a hard practice, we naturally get a sense of accomplishment. Working out is always a challenge for us, no matter how well we work out or for how long or how in shape are we – whenever we complete it we feel we’ve accomplished our goal and that is a very satisfying feeling, which also allow us more self-confidence.

The Urge to Share It

When we feel great about ourselves, and working out sure cause us to feel that way, we feel the urge to share it with family and friends. That’s way most people who practice on a regular basis try to get their family members and friends to join them. So the next time your good friend or partner tries to convince you to join their active lifestyle – give it a try, you might find it irresistible…

Natural Skin Care

Additionally to all the great things that exercising do to our brain and mood, it also function as a natural skin care as it stimulates more blood and oxygen to our skin and allows it to rejuvenates. So, do you really need more reasons to start working out and begin your healthy lifestyle routine?

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