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Does the Sun Harms My Skin During Winter?

Have you ever noticed to the way we neglect ourselves as winter’s season begins? We pay less attention to what we eat, we pay less attention to how often and for how long we sit down in front of our favorite TV show, we neglect our training routine, and we also neglect our skin care routine. But if you think that during winter your skin isn’t exposed to sun damages – keep on reading and become more aware of the risks so you’ll be able to avoid it.

Sun Effect in Wintertime

As long as the sun is shining in the sky, it has an impact on our skin, regardless to if it’s cold or warm outside. Of course, when it is extremely hot the sun’s impact is much more significant, but it doesn’t mean that when it is cold, it won’t affect our skin. See, the thing about the sun that’s damaging our skin is in its UV light that causing sunburns. So, remember to protect your skin throughout the year, when exposed to direct sunlight. You don’t want all your skin care good work to go to waste because of that.

Hydrate Yourself

Another thing to remember during winter is to stay hydrate. It is only natural that we consume less water during winter, because we don’t feel hot and dehydrated all the time or even at all, and that is why we must remind ourselves to drink enough water – and remember – when we dehydrate, our skin dehydrates as well.

Maintain Your Skin Care Routine throughout the Year

You should maintain your daily skin care routine throughout the entire year and keep it through winter. Why? Because at the bottom line, time and age are the main factors to affect our skin and neglecting its care for few months in a row, may lead to our skin’s health to deteriorate. And it will be hard to restore its good condition while maintaining skin care only through summer time.

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